Author Bio: Updated

I’m a linguistically minded artist and writer of Gothic-inspired art, music, and fiction. My passions include writing, reading, drawing, language learning, and music creation.

I started writing in my teen years, as many authors have, so it’s been quite a while for me. (I actually owned a typewriter once.) I experimented with horror first, particularly with a high school setting. I mixed writing and drawing to create book covers and comic books. Since then, I’ve delved into contemporary YA/NA, strange stories, twisted romance, and even some seductively steamy soaps. Being a multi-genre author can be quite the experience, but ultimately, I created this pen name to focus a bit more on my paranormal and darker writing.

Whether I write about merfolk, a peculiar girl in a spooky environment, or an unusual breed of paranormal romance, I have ideas to form and tales to tell. Oh, and I love fairy tales, especially creative remakes.

Strange Stories Shall Show

I’ve been writing stories for quite some years now, and I’d like to finish a decent one to post, including picfic. For picfic, the right shots are crucial, but so is the actual story, which is a balance that needs to be kept. Let’s see how this pans out, shall we?